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You're here: Catalog > Products MX > Engine > Lectron carbs > Honda > LC-1139
Billetron 39 Carb 300-500ccm

Art.#: LC-1139
Billetron 39 Carb 300-500ccm
Billetron 39 Carb 300-500ccm  

The BILLETRON™ Big-Air has been designed for big-bore two strokes delivering unparalleled peak performance. The BILLETRON™ Big-Air bore dynamics have been specifically engineered to maximize mass air flow and velocity in mid to wide open throttle positions. This allows substantial gains in top end performance while controlling and directing air velocity from low to mid throttle positions that generate an improved off the throttle response and massive top end power.

Utilizing the success of previous designs and our relentless commitment to developing and delivering the best products possible, the BILLETRON™ Big-Air has stepped into and created a new level of big bore performance.