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You're here: Catalog > Products MX > Engine > Cylinder head kits > Husqvarna > PWR-985TPI-250-U
S3 cylinder head Power Husqvarna TC/TE 250/250i 2017-

Art.#: PWR-985TPI-250-U
S3 cylinder head Power Husqvarna TC/TE 250/250i 2017-

We use the best alloys available, to obtain a better output & more traction. Our heads can hold more water and have thicker walls helping with the cooling rate, thus improving low revs power. These kits eliminate the hot spots typically found on cast heads. Specific compression inlet design offers the possibility to adapt engine setting to your choice. Modifies compression, allowing one more gear to be used, improving power delivery and engine torque. It is also recommended for use at an average altitude of 1000m. Its design manages to lower the temperature by eliminating the typical hot spots of the original cylinder heads. Ideal for aggressive riding, looking for strong emotions.