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You're here: Catalog > Products MX > Exhaust > Exhaust Accessories > ET-1279-R
S3 Exhaust Flange Guard GasGas EC 250 300 2021-

Art.#: ET-1279-R
S3 Exhaust Flange Guard GasGas EC 250 300 2021-

GasGas EC 250/300 TPI Exhaust Flange Guard, Effective in case of impact on the exhaust!
This beautiful part protects the junction between the exhaust and the cylinder, reinforcing and creating a compact protection in case of impact on the exhaust.
The owners of GasGas who already broke their exhaust flange know what it means: end of the race, and often seizing of the cylinder.
THE solution to prevent this from happening again is the S3 protector, with the ET-1279 exhaust flange protector.

* Absolutely necessary for extreme riders.
* Superb design, reliable and reinforced.
* 100% CNC, anodized finish and laser engraving, Alu 6000 Series.