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+++ Racingnews and Productinformations +++
- Tuesday 21 May, 2019 Read:18
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XTRIG Rocs- Monday 19 November, 2018 Read:210
With ROCS, XTRIG created a new system for an even higher stability of the already top-quality triple clamps. Opposing clamps guarantee an even better functioning of the fork and are more stable than ever. Split clamps improve the bending line of the fork.
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Anti Start System- Thursday 15 November, 2018 Read:308
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Putoline New Productsl- Monday 28 May, 2018 Read:686
Many new Putoline products in stock
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FM TYPHOON Motocross Boots- Friday 15 December, 2017 Read:1186
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New ZAP M1 wheels for KTM!- Read:876
The new M1 wheels are manufactured with a one-piece hub to ensure the highest possible stiffness and durability. The hub is milled from high-quality aircraft aluminum. In addition, the wheels are equipped with high-quality Zap rims ( T6 7075 ) which are very durable and high-quality processed, these are also used for original equipment at many brands. The spokes are specially reinforced to achieve the longest possible service life and the highest possible curve rigidity. The high-quality wheelspacer is also included in the scope of delivery, which is also made of aluminum and anodised. This results in a smooth running of the wheels and a long service life of the bearings and seals since the dirt is difficult to stick to the smooth surface. For easier orientation and easy assembly, the Wheelspacer are labeled with the model, year of manufacture, sprocket or disc side and length laser. This guarantees a quick and easy installation.

If you buy a wheelset you will get a 10% discount
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The offer of ZAP Technix is aimed exclusively at commercial dealers and not to consumers within the meaning of the Civil Code.