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Pro Circuit Linkage arms
When it comes to better handling and overall stability, the best thing you can do is bolt-on Pro Circuit's Linkage Arm. Linkage arms are CNC machined from billet aluminum and are incredibly strong. Available for most Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha models. Each arm includes all of the required bearings and seals.
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Pro Circuit Linkage arms
Pro Circuit Linkage System
True to the Pro Circuit name, the new Pro Circuit linkage system for your new model KTM or Husqvarna brings the bike's handling performance to an entirely new level. The new 2015 1/2 Factory Edition and 2016 models come equipped with a redesigned OEM linkage system that causes the bike to have a feeling that is much too harsh and stagnant, whereas the preceding bike models had an OEM linkage system providing an unwanted lazy and soft feeling. Both of these OEM designs made it difficult to reach optimal handling performance and forced the use of shock springs on both extremes of the spectrum in order to compensate. The new Pro Circuit linkage system utilizes some of the mechanical advantages of both designs, along with additional Pro Circuit research and testing, to allow for the use of a more true-to-weight spring rate and to reach the ultimate sweet spot in handling for your new model KTM or Husqvarna.
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Pro Circuit Linkage System
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